SYNED AGM 2018 is on Saturday 27th January

Rotherham Metro will be our host.



Held at Bradfield Village Hall. Organised this year by Sheffield Ramblers 40s Walking Group.

Don't Lose Your Way

Robert Peel, a Ramblers Trustee, was one of the guest speakers at our AGM this year.  His explained ‘The Lost Ways Project’ Why we need to ensure that we do not lose our Public Rights of Way in 2026, because any RoW not on the definitive map at that time will be lost as stated in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000).

Some authorities publish their Definitive Map online, but others do not.  Also there are discrepancies between the definitive maps 1:2500 and the 1:50000 OS maps.

A useful source of information is The National Library of Scotland website (

SYNED has funds for Lost Ways expenses and is considering financing a researcher to work in the National Archives and Kew.

It was hoped that legislation would be passed to recognise that paths in use in 2026 (generally white lanes) would not need to be claimed.

(For the full notes on Roberts presentation see the 2017 SYNED AGM minutes)

Most of the Ramblers groups in our Area are organizing members to become involved in the campaign.  

(See the Ramblers Go Walking section for more details about definitive maps and rights of way law.)

The South East Walker

The South-East Walker. This is A3, 26 page newsletter which covers nine Areas in the south-east, and is distributed quarterly (free) with Walk magazine. Most Areas in the south-east subscribe to it.

Almost 23,000 copies are printed per quarter at a cost of £2,811 for all nine Areas, so the cost is around 50p per address per year or 12.5p per copy.

Both Groups and the Area submit material to an editor to include in the newsletter, and since its creation and distribution, membership in Kent has begun to rise slightly.


Despite its flaws, the project had facilitated lots of publicity. However, problems noted were that the process didn’t fit in with reporting to RoW Departments, and questions were raised about what local authorities thought of the project.

(For the full notes on Roberts presentation see the 2017 SYNED AGM minutes)

The President’s Address 2017 - Roly Smith