SYNED AGM 2020 - The AGM, starting at 2pm, will be hosted by Sheffield Walking Group (Sheffield 20-30s) on Saturday 25th January at the Victoria Methodist Church, Strafford Road, Sheffield S2 2SE

THE WALK - Sheffield Park Perambulation - a stroll around the historic suburb of Sheffield Park, taking in Victorian parkland, post-war utopian living, a medieval hunting lodge and the best views of Sheffield. The walk takes us past the Cholera Monument, around Norfolk Heritage Park and through the ancient woodland of Jervis Lum. We'll cross the new parkland at Manor Fields and visit Manor Lodge before enjoying panoramic views as we descend along Skye Edge

Starts: 10.30

Location: Victoria Centre, Victoria Methodist Church, Stafford Road, Sheffield S2 2SE

Distance: 4.5 miles  - Easy (good terrain with some moderate climbs - circular)



Barnsley and Penistone Ramblers were the hosts for the 2019 AGM. Carol Wood (secretary of the Barnsley and Penistone Group) welcomed everybody to the AGM.


Lord David Blunkett - President 
Rebecca Dawson - Ramblers Trustee

Lord David Blunkett 

David said that we all owe a debt of gratitude to Roly Smith for the work he has done towards the success of the Clarion Call book and his writings over the years highlighting the pioneers of access to the countryside.

David said that he and Mike Pye have a long shared history, on Sheffield Council and the Left Foot Forward waking group.  He said that he is delighted to be involved in the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the National Parks Act on 27th April in Winnats Pass. This year is the 200th anniversary of Ruskin’s death and he, along with people like Ebenezer Elliott, from Rotherham, were seminal figures in the fight for access to the countryside.

David said that people often ask him, a blind person, why he enjoys walking in the countryside. He said that the feeling of the wind in his hair, the sun on his face, the sounds of the birds, the wind in the trees, along with a commentary on the scene, gives him a clear picture in his mind and, perhaps, that we should treasure what we have


David believed that there was an awakening interest in South Yorkshire, the countryside and it’s heritage and that he had talked to Dan Jarvis, the regional mayor, about using resources to the benefit of the countryside for the benefit of the economy, the environment and for the wellbeing of the population; we need to celebrate the past as we look to the future.


Rebecca Dawson 

“2017/18 has been a good year for the Ramblers.

We have made good progress with our “one team” approach, working together to start to deliver our new business plan to reverse our longstanding membership decline, build a culture of trust, adhere to our collective values and code of conduct, and encourage constructive collaboration. 

Key delivery developments this year include…briefly…

  • Winning a major new income stream, as a new beneficiary of the Peoples Postcode Lottery
  • Achieving recognition of public access in the Agriculture Bill.
  • Initiating our digital and data transformation programme. 
  • Championing many right of ways successes & 80 years of access.
  • Developing a plan for DLYW 
  • Starting insight research into our membership and potential members
  • Developing a Great Britain walk leader training project from a Scottish pilot.
  • Establishing new partnerships with like-minded organisations. 
  • Starting an area support pilot project and improving our communications across the organisation for example with the new monthly volunteer newsletter. 
For Rebecca's full address covering plans for 2018 -2019  - Pathwatch/Path Maintenance/Don't Lose Your Way/Membership/ Data transformation see AGM Minutes 2019

DAVID (Secretary), ALAN (Chair) AND REBECCA (Trustee)



Nicky Speakman proposing a motion for improvements in South Yorkshire Transport - stating that the 'public transport system in this country is in a state of significant decline' (see minutes for full motion). Mike Pye (Vice President) seconded the motion.


Members setting off on a walk to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (arranged by Barnsley and Penistone proceeded the meeting)Below the walkers in front of one of the new exhibits. (photos thanks to David Gadd)