August 2019

Hunshelf DMMO - Footpath to be upgraded to bridleway status

Stoney Middleton TRO - Prohibition of Mechanically Propelled Vehicles

January 2019 - Confirmed DMMO - New Bridleway at Worsbrough Dale - known as Bumpy Lane, commencing at its junction with Grove Street and Pantry Hill proceeding generally easterly to Bank End Road - Mod Order No.19 2018 - Path/Way No. 65 

November 2018 - New Bridleways in STOCKS BRIDGE PARISH - 81 82 83. The plan below shows 3 newish public bridleways in Stocksbridge parish. The long term idea is to create a multi-user route down the Little Don valley which will connect with the Trans Pennine Trail coming down from Langsett & Dunford Bridge, right down through Deepcar and the river Don valley into Sheffield itself. The new bridleways come on the back of the Fox Valley development of the old Corus steelworks site for business and housing. John Parker Stocksbridge FP 81 82 83

November 2018 - Below is a map extract which shows the changes to the path network in DEEPCAR/STOCKSBRIDGE  on account of the new Fox Valley development & efforts by SCC to complete a through multi-user route the full length of the valley. This will in theory provide a through route all the way down from Langsett to Deepcar and onwards through Wharncliffe down the Don Valley into Sheffield. There are still some missing bits especially towards Langsett along the old railway line. BMBC are supposed to be dealing with that but aren't as the money ran out. John Harker
Stocksbridge FP 80 Map

The definitive footpath in Ecclesall Woods shown is now a permissive bridleway as well.  Ecclesall Woods new PBW

October 2018Below a copy of a recent inspector's decision letter which has added a new definitive footpath to the Map for Beighton parish. It adds another route into Rother Valley Country Park from the Sheffield side via the foot bridge over the railway line.   John Harker

Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4   Map

March 2018 - A confirmed DMMO from Derbyshire CC upgrading footpaths to Restricted Byways & adding a Byway Open to All Traffic in the parishes of Pilsley NE Derbyshire) & Ault Hucknall (Bolsover District). Order and Notice 43923

MODIFICATION ORDER 70 2018 Wortley Rural - 'Upgrades sections of public footpaths to a mixture of Restricted Byway and public bridleway'  Description  Order Seal

BRADFIELD NEW ROW Sept 2017 - Between Lee Moor Lane and Brookside Bank Road MAP 

BRADFIELD NOTIFICATION OF 2 NEW RIGHTS TO WAY August 2017.  DMMO No 62 Confirmed and DMMO No 64 Confirmed. Order Decisions for 62 and 64

DINNINGTON AND ANSTON Modification Order May 2017 - Public Footpath No 13 and Public Footpath No 14 in the Parish of Dinnington. Also Public Footpath 43 in the Parish of Anston ORDER PLAN


BRADFIELD NEW PATH YW Via 221 (July 2017) A new public footpath above Dam Flask linking Trouble Wood Lane and the Yorkshire Water permissive path along the reservoir site (see map link).

"This is the fruit of a policy of SCC consulting Ramblers & PNFS when council owned land comes up for sale or a new tenancy, we are asked to suggest new footpaths. This is one of them."  John Harker

DALTON Rotherham - A New Bridleway PLAN

The above PLAN shows a new public bridleway in Dalton parish in Rotherham. It was created by negotiation with the landowner which happens to be the local Parish Council. Perhaps this could be publicised more widely?

The grid references of the 2 ends of the new route are SK459.942 & SK458.938 on Explorer 278.
The RMBC officer worked with the PC on the project. The plan is an extract from a report given to the Rotherham Local Access Forum. John Harker January 2017

ECKINGTON Foot Path Temporary Closure until February 2017 at Greenside/Troway

New footpaths added to the Definitive Map for Bradfield Parish  Modification Order

A confirmed DMMO adding a new bridleway & a footpath to the Definitive Map near Darton Barnsley - John Harker Nov 2016 - The Order took effect on 19th October 2016. The path will be added to the definitive map and statement for the Darton area and way marks will be installed in due course.  Confirmation Notice  Confirmed Order  

STOCKSBRIDGE 2 NEW FOOTPATHS 76 &77 (2 sections on Sheffield Barnsley border) claimed by Hunshelf Parish Council MAP  SCHEDULE

Eckington Footpath Restoration

Sheffield Modification Order No 53 2016

Sheffield Modification Orders 2016:    Path Nos 213, 214, 215 (June 2016) Sheffield CC Modification Order No 58  Path Nos 210, 211,212 -  Bradfield (No 50)  Path No 75 -  Bradfield (No 51)

Blacka Moor Proposed Flagging Plan

Permissive paths and areas of open access not always shown on O.S. maps (provided under the Countryside Stewardship, Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Environmental Stewardship Schemes) can be found the following website (which is funded by DEFRA under 10 year schemes financed through taxpayers' money):

December 2015

N and S Anston - New footpaths no.45 and no. 46  DETAILS (inc map)

Dinington and Anston - New footpaths no.15 and no. 44: MAP  DETAILS

Bradfield 200 and 201 (footpath 200 terminates at the boundary of open access land, so there is a way through)   MAP

Sept 2015

Blacka Moor 621

Bradfield 194

Bradfield 195

Bradfield 196

Bradfield 197

Ecclesall Woods 593

Ecclesfield 159

Houndkirk Moor Area 1

Houndkirk Moor Area 2

Limb Valley 1

Limb Valley 2

Rivelin Valley 133

Rivelin Valley 442

Rivelin Valley 592

Temporary Closures Great Huckow 7

Reporting Footpath Problems:

Rights of way problems in Derbyshire should be reported to

Two New Footpaths Just off the Hayfield/Glossop Main Road
The footpaths were permissive until the Peak Park negotiated dedications by the landowner.  They are Footpaths 91 and 94. 
91 runs north-south parallel with the main road and 94 west-east from the main road to the boundary of open country on Burnt Hill on the route up onto Mill Hill and Kinder.

John Harker - 5th November 2014


Notice of Dedication of a Public Footpath
Public Footpath No 15 Doncaster
I Roger Harvey, Assistant Director Legal and Democratic Services and duly authorised agent of
Doncaster Borough Council, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster DN1 3BU hereby certify that
there shall be dedicated from the date hereof a right of way maintainable at the public expense,
namely a footpath over which the public will have a right of way on foot at Doncaster South
Yorkshire as described in the Schedule below

A copy of the plan showing the route of the right of way has been deposited at the Council
Offices, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster DN1 3BU and may be inspected free of charge
between the hours of 9.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m Monday to Friday. A copy of the plan has also been
deposited at the Central Library, Waterdale, Doncaster where it may be inspected free of charge
during normal library opening hours. The plan will remain on deposit until 30th November 2013.


Modification of Definitive Map and Statement
Public Footpath No 15 Doncaster

Public Footpath No. 15 – Doncaster

Public footpath commencing at its junction with Leger Way, at grid reference SE6066 0422
(Point A), proceeding along the allotment access track in an easterly direction for 23 meters to
grid reference SE 6069 0422 (Point B). Then in a northerly direction for 14 metres before turning
east along the perimeter of Heatherwood school field for 39 metres, then south for 96 metre to
grid reference SE6078 0416 on the south side of the footbridge into Sandall Beat Wood, (Point
C). The total length of the path is 172 metres and will have a defined width of 2 metres.


The width of the path is restricted to 0.9 metres at point A, because of a vehicle gate and to 1.5
metres either side of a vehicle bollard at point B.


There is a footbridge at point C.

The path is marked on the accompanying plan as a broken black line between points A and C.

Dated 17th day of October 2013

Assistant Director Legal and Democratic Services
Doncaster Borough Council
Civic Office