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SHEFFIELD 40s WALKING GROUP Ploughing and Cropping Campaign Sheffield 40s Ramblers Crop issues

NEW - Easington to Filey Brigg Coastal Path Overview  The Report is from Natural England to the Secretary of State. At Present there are significant gaps along the route (see page 23) 

 You can now comment on the proposals at:



A minor PNFS success story on a footpath near Chesterfield - BEFORE and AFTER.



NEW WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY PATHWAYS - Path improvement at Moor Hall Reservoir near Stocksbridge/Bolsterstone.

SHOULD CYCLIST have use of all our Rights of Ways?
 The Code 'applicable for share use clearly gives priority to pedestrians'.  Are all cyclist aware of this? Should the answer be we really need MORE CYCLE PATHS in our area? Join the debate? Ramblers Shared Use Draft Advice


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Reporting Problems about the TRANS PENNINE TRAIL

“All you need to do is ring or email the problem through to and we will then relay the information to our project partners and record on our problem dbase.  All reports are dealt with as soon as possible to enable urgent action to be taken if needed.  Our partners and Group Coordinators are also issued with quarterly reports highlighting the outstanding issues that still needs attention, so it is essential that you continue to send through your reports.  Major issues are also then discussed at our quarterly partner meetings.

Issues of motorcycles, quads or 4x4’s should also be reported to 101, where you should also ask for an incident number to ensure the matter is also recorded on the police database.  It is this evidence that is used by the police to potentially fund ‘sting’ operations to apprehend illegal users.

Please also tell members of the public that they can also use this procedure to report issues on the Trail.

 If you have any further queries regarding this process, please get in touch.

Mandy Loach, Trans Pennine Trail Officer, National Trans Pennine Trail Office

P O Box No 597, Barnsley, S70 9EW

For SAT NAV - please use S70 2DR

Tel: TPT Office: 01226 772574   Direct Line: 01226 772005    Fax: 01226 772599          E-mail:        Internet: ouncil/have_your_say/consultat ion_search/Consultation_ search_index/proposal_to_ introduce_a_traffic_ regulation_order_at_stoney_ middleton_byway.asp

A new Pathwatch Launch by the Ramblers  -  They will be launching the Big Pathwatch report and their new Pathwatch campaign over the week of 14-20 November.

“This will involve helping local authorities access different sources of funding, and showing how working across different teams within authorities can maximise the value of the network (e.g. how rights of way are a concern for health teams as well as highway teams).


It has been drawn to my attention by a PNFS member that the section of footpath used by the Country Walk, running up/down the steep bank side off Moss Road byway down to the county boundary & Footpath No.1 in Sheffield, is not a definitive public footpath. This is probably an omission by the Parish Council under the 1949 legislation because of the location in a corner of the parish surrounded on 3 sides by Sheffield & the county boundary. 

I feel it would be sensible to claim this footpath whilst it is still open rather than risk a blockage & then have to start the rigmarole of submitting a Schedule 14 application to Derbyshire County Council. Its also useful because a number of people who have knowledge of the path & the creation of the SCW back in1986 are still around. I am sure we have all used this path over the years as part of a ramble without thinking about its legal status.

Below are links to a user evidence UEF form taken from the DCC website, plus 2 plans at a scale of 1:25000 & 1:10000 to show the line of the claimed footpath. If you have used the path for any length of time, please consider completing the evidence form. If you prefer a paper copy, let me have your address & I will send one to you. 

PLEASE RETURN THE COMPLETED FORM TO ME, NOT THE COUNTY COUNCIL. My address is - 317 Prince of Wales Road Sheffield S2 1FJ 

If you have any questions about this matter, ring me on 07929 051978 or reply at this email address. If you know of others who could help, please pass this on to them. The more evidence we get the better. 

John Harker Area Officer (NE Derbyshire) Peak& Northern Footpaths Society

Derbyshire UEF form - Page 1   Page 2   Page 3  Page 4   PLAN 1  PLAN 2


Beighton Footpaths nos 63 - 72

Ecclesfield Bridleways 60b-143

Ecclesfield 144 - 149 and Eckington 171 - 174

Bridleway 583 - 586, Footpath 587, 160, 201a, 411b, 424, Stocksbridge footpath 69

Footpaths 526a to 542

Footpaths 543 to 552

Footpaths 553 to 562

Footpaths 563 to 572

Footpaths 573 to 582


Peak and Northern Footpath Society Annual Report 2015

Trans Pennine Trail Supporters Newsletter Spring 2016

Bradfield, Sheffield and Stocksbridge Definitive Map Issues. Interim Report January 2016


Footpaths near Calver, Derbyshire

Derbyshire County Council is proposing to legally reclassify a number of routes which run south-west of Calver and which are currently recorded as unclassified roads (publicly maintainable but with uncertain legal status). These routes are shown on the map.

Three sections of the routes would be recorded as Byways Open to all Traffic (BOATs) (lettered on the map as A to B, B to C, and E to F), one section as Restricted Byway (C to E), and one section as Bridleway (D to G). The evidence that this the correct legal status of the routes comes mainly from historical documents, but evidence of use of the routes also plays a part.

The fact that many walkers do not like the use of such routes by motor vehicles, including motor cycles, is irrelevant in this legal process, but if we can persuade the county council, or an Inspector at a public inquiry, that the routes should actually all be Restricted Byways (only public vehicular right in horses and carts), or Bridleways (no public vehicular rights), this would be welcomed by walkers. This is where evidence of use could be crucial, and we need your help with this.

If you or your friends or family have used any of these routes on foot, horseback or cycle at any time, and preferably can remember when you used them (even approximately), then this could be very useful evidence. If so, please let me know at email:, giving your postal address, and I will see that you are sent user evidence forms to complete.

Meanwhile on behalf of the Society I will probably be objecting to the legal orders which designate sections of the routes to BOATs. It will be some considerable time before this matter is decided, but any user evidence which you have would be very gratefully received as soon as you are able to send it.

Rhoda Barnett


Peak District National Park Green Access News 


Derbyshire Council - 

Access Improvement Plan

Green Lane Action Plan


The Deregulation Bill

The Deregualation Bill and its implication for walkers
The Ramblers brief summary Details

LONG CAUSEWAY - From September 18th 2014 - Mechanically propelled vehicles to be prohibited at any time.


Protect where you love to walk
In 2026 any path that’s not on the definitive map will be left off it. Forever!  Local Ramblers Groups are now trying to ensure that all paths that should be recorded - ARE RECORDED.  If you know of any paths that should be recorded, get in touch with your local Ramblers Group or contact SYNED - NOW.

Record your footpaths using the form designed by Rotherham Ramblers group below:
Rotherham Groups Lost Ways Matrix


The Peak District Park Authority News
On 1st October 2013 New Regulations for public path orders come into being - The Town and Country Planning (Public Path Orders) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2013
These lay out the form in which Orders must be made taking into account the recent changes in legislation which allow orders to  divert or extinguish paths to be made if an application for planning permission has been made but not yet determined. From 1st October, you may get Public Path Orders using the new format. The Explanatory Notes are probably the best thing to read. 
John Harker Peak & Northern Footpaths Society 
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