Standing Orders of SYNED

  1     Frequency of Meetings
     The Area Council shall meet at least once every three months.   
  2    Procedure at Meetings
  a  Meeting Timing
     If, 30 minutes after the time set for the start of the meeting, a quorum is not present the meeting shall be dissolved. 
  b  Vice-Chairman

   The Area Council shall, at its first meeting following an AGM, elect a Vice Chairman. 
  c  Order of Business
     An agenda shall be prepared by the Chairman and Secretary and shall be circulated to members not less than seven days in advance of the meeting. All items thereon shall take precedence over all other business. Any member wishing to introduce business for the consideration of the meeting may do so after the business on the agenda has been completed, or give notice of motion to be discussed at a future meeting.

(The above shall apply except in the case of Standing Order 2d). 
  d  Suspension of Standing Orders
     In the event of a matter of urgency the Chairman may accept a motion for the suspension of Standing Orders. The member moving must clearly state the nature and urgency of the business. No suspension should be allowed except by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. 
  e  Minutes
     The minutes of the previous meeting shall be circulated to members along with the agenda. No motion or discussion shall be allowed on the minutes except in regard to their accuracy. After confirmation the minutes of the previous meeting shall be circulated to members in pdf form along with the agenda and members shall then be at liberty to ask any questions in regard to matters arising out of them. Such questions shall be allowed for the purpose of information only and no debate on policy outlined in the minutes shall take place. 
  f  Selection of Speakers
     A point of order shall relate only to an alleged breach of a Standing Order. Members wishing to raise a point of order must do so immediately the breach has occurred and must obtain the permission of the Chairman to do so. The Chairman’s decision shall be final except by a vote of a two-thirds majority. 
  g  Motions and Amendments
    The first proposition on a particular subject shall be the Original Motion and all subsequent propositions shall be known as Amendments. Every motion and amendment must be moved and seconded by members present at the meeting. It is permissible for a member to make his speech first and conclude with the motion.

When an amendment is moved no further amendment shall be discussed until the first amendment is disposed of.

Substantive Motions

If an amendment is carried it displaces the Original Motion and itself becomes the Substantive Motion, whereupon any further amendment may be moved provided it is consistent with the business and has not been covered by a motion or amendment which has previously been rejected. After the vote on each succeeding amendment has been taken the surviving proposition shall be put as the Main Question and, if carried, becomes the resolution of the meeting.

No motion or amendment which has been accepted by the Chairman shall be withdrawn without the unanimous consent of the meeting.  
  h  Time Limits
     Whilst no particular time limit is imposed on speakers, it is expected that members will be brief and concise and their time limits for speaking will be at the Chairman’s discretion.

The mover of a motion shall be allowed the right of reply to the discussion but the vote must be taken immediately after the reply and no further discussion shall be allowed once the question has been put.

The mover of an amendment shall not be allowed the right of reply. 
  i  Voting
    Voting shall be by a show of hands, one member, one vote, in accordance with paragraph 9 of the Area Constitution, with the exception of the Chairman, who may exercise a casting vote.

In committees where a serious difference of opinion on a proposition occurs, the vote shall be taken and the names of those voting for and against, and of those abstaining, shall be recorded in the minutes. 
  j  Notices of Motion
    Notices of motion, and items for discussion, should be sent to the secretary not less than fourteen days before the meeting at which they are to be discussed. Such motions and items will be dealt with in accordance with Standing Order 2c. 
  k  Rescinding a Resolution 
    No resolution shall be rescinded or amended at the same meeting at which it is passed. Twenty-eight days notice of its rescindment or amendment must be given but the resolution must be rescinded or amended unless with the consent of two-thirds of the members present when it is considered.

No resolution involving important issues of finance or policy shall be rescinded unless every member eligible to attend such a meeting has been duly notified and given the opportunity of being present. 
  3    Presidents and Vice Presidents
    Where the Area Council/AGM decides to have a President and/or Vice Presidents, the President shall be elected annually at the AGM for a maximum of three consecutive years. Nominations shall be open to members and non-members alike. Suggestions for the position shall be made to Area Council by members or Groups not less than three months prior to the AGM at which the Area Council’s nomination will be submitted for ratification.

Vice Presidents shall be elected at the AGM but will not be entitled to a seat on Area Council by virtue of their vice presidency. 
  4     Elections at the Annual General Meeting
  a  Election of Officers
    Area Council refers to the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer as Officers and other roles as Sub- Secretaries.

Prior to each AGM written nominations for Officers within Area shall be communicated to the Secretary provided that the nominated person accepts the nomination. 

  b  Nomination of Sub-Secretaries
    Sub-Secretaries shall be elected from the floor to cover Access, Footpaths, Countryside, Membership and Information, etc. 
  c  Representation of Affiliated Groups

  Prior to each AGM nominations for representatives of Affiliated Groups shall be communicated to the Secretary in advance of the meeting provided that the nominated person accepts the nomination.

Each candidate shall be permitted two minutes in which to address the meeting in advance of the election vote. 
  5     Local Groups

a  Area Officers and Group Meetings
    The Area Chairman, Area Secretary and Area Treasurer shall have visiting and speaking rights on any meeting of a Group committee or sub-committee. 
  b  Minutes, Annual Reports and Statements of Account
    Each local Group shall provide the Area Secretary with copies of its minutes, annual reports and statements of account. 
  6    Standing Orders
    These Standing Orders may be amended only by the Annual General Meeting with the consent of two- thirds of the members present.

A copy of these Standing Orders shall be given to each newly elected member of Area Council or its sub-committees.

With regard to Standing Order number 2c-k it is understood that less formal meetings will often be appropriate. However in case of doubt or if there is serious disagreement on any matter these Standing Orders should be invoked without hesitation. 
Amendments approved at AGM, January 2015